The Lamb of Redemption

Behold Him on the Cross now,
“The wicked” closed Him in
Sold by the greedy Judas
Abandoned by “His kin!”

A wound is His whole body
His head a thorny crown,
Behold Him, Christian nations,
Your name is of renown.

“Son of the Virgin” He is
High Glory King adored,
Our guaranteed Redeemer
Our incarnate Lord.

With punctured hands He placed us
Up high in paradise
He saved us from the curse
His Blood as sacrifice.

Behold His doleful image,
Bathe Him in tears thus
And then you’ll understand it
Because “God is with us.”

The earth sprinkled with sweat
Blood of the “Lamb so Holy”
The heaven bows to Him,
He clothed Himself in glory.

The Cross, the sign of pain
His passion sanctified,
Became the “Sign of Power”
“Scepter of the Most High.”

Hieroschemamonk John