In Fatherly Arms

I was an orphan on this planet,
To no one I belonged as ward,
I always asked Him for His mercy
And placed all my hope in the Lord.

My grandma, may God rest her soul,
She sowed in me from early on.
The wondrous mysteries of faith
Whose fruit now helps me to go on.

My cherished, O my saintly grandma,
I am indebted to your love
Because you brought to my awareness
The loving Father from above.

For as the psalm says, “When my father
And mother had to forsake me”
The Lord in heaven sent his mercy
And kindly He laid hold of me.

O soul of mine become so humble,
Adorn yourself with wings to fly
Through raising prayer always fervent
And love for our God Most High.

Within yourself explore your heart
And seek out the mysterious source
From which existence drinks aplenty
The saving gift of divine force.

Follow the path of your salvation,
Acquire peace and live alone,
Deny yourself all that is worldly,
Renounce it all to reach His throne.

Saint John Jacob the Chozebite