Invitation to Summer Feast Day 2023

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Dear Friends of Saint Dumitru Monastery,

We have the joy to announce that, by God’s grace and with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Nicolae, the Father Abbot of Holy Putna Monastery, Archimandrite Melchisedec Velnic, along with a group of fathers, will be present in our midst for our monastery’s summer feast day, the Ascension of the Lord.

Father Abbot Melchisedec will offer us a treasure of great price: a portion of the holy relics of Saint Jacob of Putna, the Metropolitan of Moldavia, who was recently canonized ( The Holy Relics will remain on display for veneration in the church of our monastery, for the protection and support of the monastery and of all who will venerate them with faith.

Update: On Tuesday, May 16, at 12:00pm, in the church of Holy Putna Monastery, in the presence of the brotherhood of the monastery, Father Abbot Melchisedec blessed the reliquary for the holy relics of Saint Jacob of Putna, which will be granted to our monastery. After the holy relics were placed in the reliquary, the delegation that will accompany them embarked, at the singing of the bells, on their long journey to the United States.

The schedule for feast day period is as follows:

Wednesday, May 24
7pm – Vigil for the feast of Ascension

Thursday, May 25
10am – Divine Liturgy for the feast of Ascension

Friday, May 26
7:30am – Divine Liturgy
9am – Holy Unction (with at least 7 priests)
6pm – Hierarchical Great Vespers on the eve of the Feast Day

Saturday, May 27 – FEAST DAY
10am – Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on the morning of the Feast Day
4pm – Conference: “A Conversation with Father Abbot. About our Fathers in the Lord. About being a Christian today”
8pm – Great Vespers

Sunday, May 28
10am – Divine Liturgy

We cordially invite you so that together, we may allow our hearts to be touched by a ray of light from the Jerusalem of the Romanian nation.

Abbot of Saint Dumitru Monastery
Protosyngellos Ieremia