Being a Christian Does Not Allow Us Self-Pity

This is the reality present every day for the last three months in my mind and, implicitly, in my deeds. I am a mother. I was given this blessing by God, and I have learned the responsibility of receiving gifts from Above.

I have never received anything so precious until this moment of my life—these creatures transformed us into people we never even knew we could be. I speak both on my own behalf and on behalf of my husband because we share the same feeling. Union is one of the gifts that our children brought into our lives with their coming. They united us as we never knew it was possible, only now do we truly feel like a true family, we share the same worries and the same joys, and we always find the perfect peace in our home.

When a child comes into a young family, everything changes. The sleep is shortened, the worries increase, the arms are always busy, and the child is caressed day and night. Imagine how it is when two blessings arrive as children in their parents’ lives. There are two perspectives: if we talk about the human being captivated by comfort, the desire to have whatever one wants whenever one wants it, well, it may seem the arrival of children is overwhelming. But if we go back to God’s will for our evolution through this world, then we transform into love, and we deny our selfish selves. I understand why young people avoid becoming parents. They feel they lose something, that they lose themselves and waste their time, that they end up neglecting their interests and placing themselves at someone else’s disposal. Too seldom are we willing to give a hundred percent to those around us, and a child indirectly asks you to give yourself completely. As a result, young people postpone having children because they think about fun, rest, and careers. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I think we are so deceived in wanting to accumulate only experiences and agonize over wealth that we end up seeing the appearance of a soul as an obstacle in “living life.”

The Christian does not wallow in self-pity and does not neglect God’s gifts: children. When young people become parents, I believe our Lord Jesus Christ crowns them with His trust and love. Trust because He places in our hands a soul He loves more than we could ever love; and out of His immense love for us, He gives us the chance to be parents, like Him. Ever since I became a mother, I have never wanted to characterize this experience as difficult. I consider it demanding, because it is a true mission, but one that honors us. We have the chance to raise happy children, and perhaps from our little knowledge, we can make them eager to discover the faith and learn from an early age to fight the good fight for their salvation.

I look at my children and feel blessed. God has decided to bring into the world two wonderful creations who belong to Him. My answer to those young people who avoid being parents because of the many fears inculcated by this egocentric society with these words: the Christian ought not to know fear. If God gives you a baby, He will also give you the things the baby needs to grow up. We received these encouraging words from many priests, and I can honestly say they are true.

I end these lines with encouragement to all our brothers and sisters: May they succeed in the fight against their own fears and against the arrows sent by the enemy, and may they learn what unconditional love means, enjoying the gift of God: children.

Alexandra Moisoiu