Our Monastery – May/June 2021

Summer Patronal Feast. Our monastery celebrated its summer patronal feast, the Ascension of the Lord, on Saturday, June 12, 2021. The joy of the great feast began on the eve with the Great Vespers with Litya and continued the next day with the services of Matins and Divine Liturgy, which were officiated by His Eminence Metropolitan Nicolae and a synaxis of eight priests and a deacon. As it is customary every year, the founders and benefactors of the monastery who reposed in the Lord were not forgotten but were commemorated during the Parastas (memorial service), which followed the Liturgy. The grace of this beautiful feast day was shared by many believers, some of whom joyfully donned the Romanian national dress.

At the end of the sermon, His Eminence Metropolitan Nicolae mentioned another reason for celebration and merriment; namely, the tenth anniversary of the sanctification of the church. Giving glory to God and thanking the faithful who made donations and helped the monastery throughout the years, His Eminence also noted all of the monastery’s improvements to date.

A short artistic program was performed during the agape meal that followed. It started with three patriotic songs performed by a group of young people, members of the ROYA association (Romanian Youth of the Americas). The talented violinist Ana Constantin performed two excerpts from Balada (The Ballad) by Ciprian Porumbescu and Rapsodia Română (The Romanian Rapsody) by George Enescu, respectively. Ana’s virtuoso performance was received with applause by all present and brought tears to the eyes of many. The program ended with two Romanian songs performed by the children’s choir of St. Nicholas Parish of Queens, New York.

God’s blessing was felt all around: in the perfect weather, the multitude of pilgrims, the joy flooding their hearts, the peace and rejoicing floating in the air. Thanks be to God for everything!

Fall Feast. The monastery’s fall patronal feast, Saint Demetrius the New, is set to be celebrated on Saturday, October 23. We look forward to seeing you all.

Sărindar. Because the Romanian faithful received with great openness and desire last fall’s series of forty Holy Liturgies, with the blessing of His Eminence Nicolae, we decided to celebrate another sărindar this fall. With God’s help, we will begin this series on September 1. The Service of Forty Liturgies is especially beneficial for our reposed but also for the sick and, in general, for all those who have problems or need God’s special help.

Icons. With the blessing of His Eminence Nicolae, printed icons are mounted to wood in our monastery.

Pure beeswax candles. Pure beeswax candles are also made in our monastery to adorn the prayer of every Christian. A pure wax candle burning during private or church prayer is a sacrifice pleasing to God.