Our Monastery – March/April 2021

Patronal Feast. The summer patronal feast of our monastery, the Ascension of the Lord, will be celebrated on Saturday, June 12. We invite you to rejoice together in the grace of this Great Feast and to turn this occasion into a great Christian fellowship. His Eminence Metropolitan Nicolae will be present in our midst, along with many local Romanian priests. On the eve there will be the service of the Great Vespers with Litya, Matins in the morning, and around 10 a.m., the Holy and Divine Liturgy. You are all welcome to come!

Tree Hedge. Our monastery was renewed with an evergreen tree fence. We warmly thank all those—and they are too many to list here— who wanted to help us cover the costs of planting the hedge (costs involved: the purchase of a tractor, trees, fertilizer, etc.). As of now, we have not yet paid in full the debt related to this project. We also thank from the bottom of our hearts all the volunteers who physically helped us (shovel in hand) to plant the trees. May God reward everyone’s love and sacrifice!

Icons. With the blessing of His Eminence Nicolae, printed icons are mounted to wood in our monastery.

Pure beeswax candles. Pure beeswax candles are also made in our monastery to adorn the prayer of every Christian. A pure wax candle burning during private or church prayer is a sacrifice pleasing to God.