Poems for Mom

I Miss You, Mom

Grigore VIERU

Under the stars the water
Flows with my tears calm,
I miss your gaze upon me,
I miss you dearly, mom.

Beloved mother of mine
Garden of flowers blessed,
The apple of my eye,
The air within my chest!

O Mother, you’re forever,
Book of immortal breath
Of kindness and of longing
And song without a death!

The greedy wind takes over
And shatters leaves anon.
I miss your loving arms,
I miss you dearly, mom.

The winter lion roars
With vigor in its mane.
I long for your warm voice,
With ache I cannot tame.

A star touches my face
Perhaps your kerchief, rather.
I’m white, I’m almost old,
I miss you dearly, mother.

The Most Precious in the World


Tell me, in this world, which mother
Is more precious than another?
Mother birds, say chickadees,
Mother shrubs, say blooming trees,
Mama fish, the fish declare,
Mama bear, says teddy bear.
Mother eel, says baby eel
Mama tiger, all cubs feel,
The foals say it is the mare,
Baby rabbits say: the hare,
The pea plant, say all the peas
The queen bee, say honeybees,
And all kittens say: the cat.
As for me I say down pat
It’s my mama; also, that
All our mothers—it’s concurred—
Are most precious in the world!

Ana-Maria Crăciun