Holy Pascha 2022

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Dear Friends of Saint Dumitru Monastery,  
We want to join the choir of those who bring you the voice of joy and hope at this bright Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord. Again and again, our Savior convinces us in the most heartfelt way that He is stronger than any death and that He can resurrect us from any abyss of despair, of weaknesses, of sin, of evil.
As for us, it remains that we become His disciples. Our Christ told the Apostles in His farewell word: “By this is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, so you will be My disciples” (John 15, 8). That is to say, at that moment the Apostles were not yet disciples! Bearing “much fruit” is the condition for becoming disciples. Let us also place in our hearts the desire to become in truth/deed disciples of the Son of God, now at the Feast of His Resurrection!
And part of this “much fruit” is, maybe, what we read in the Akathist of the Holy Sepulchre: “O, Lord Jesus Christ, Word of God, show us to be images of your Sepulchre! Let our hearts feel Your Passion, let them be permeated by Your blood and by Your life-giving death, that at Your Dread Judgment we may be shown full of divine light and true living members of Your Body, that we may chant unto the ages of ages: Alleluia!”
Summer feast. We take this opportunity to announce that our monastery’s summer feast, the Ascension of the Lord, will be celebrated on Saturday, June 4. His Eminence Metropolitan Nicolae will be present in our midst, along with many priests. We invite you to join us and we look forward to seeing you.
Sărindar. With the blessing of our Metropolitan Nicolae, we continue the tradition of serving each year a series of 40 daily Divine Liturgies (Sărindar). With God’s help, we will start Sunday, July 3, and we will end on Thursday, August 11.
May the joy of Resurrection permeate our hearts and our whole being and show us victors against all trials.
Christ is Risen!
In Christ, our Lord and Savior,
Protosinghel Ieremia
Abbot of Saint Dumitru Monastery