When Shall We Begin to Live, O Light?

“Unveil my eyes, and I shall understand the wonders in Your law” (Psalm 118.18).

It is a peace,
unspeakable joy!
Day of forgiveness,
of reconciliation!
It shall shine again
above you,
the call!
So, tell me,
tears—are they not for naught!?
They shall come, those not afraid
of death,
those who are meek and shining!
—Some of them were so unknown
By men,
who looked upon them with disgust;
in parables they spoke to them at meals;
oh, how possible it is,
to lose one’s joy!—
Mettlesome piety,
always with an eye open,
when shall YOUR SOFT LIGHT
light up the nights in the soul?
When shall we begin
to live

Daniel Turcea