I live in hunger

Valeriu Gafencu
(+ February 18, 1952)

I live in hunger, I live in joy
Beautiful as a lily from Paradise,
The flower’s chalice is ever open
And full of tears and of living water;
The flower’s chalice is a Kingdom.

Beneath the flame of burning love
From the day’s first dawn until the night do I wait,
I call on You even at night, with my head buried in my chest:
O Jesus, O Jesus!
Slowly I burn away, like a candle.

When the wicked slander and insult me
And pour out their hatred in a boiling rage,
The chalice of tears spills over
And purifies my soul from dross,
Then Jesus patiently endures with me.

Crushed under my heavy cross, I bleed
With my body crooked from weakness,
From time to time, from heaven descends an angel
Who fills my soul with faith;
I draw ever closer to victory.

The sun’s rays mystically rain over me,
Jesus satisfies me with Living Water,
The grain hurled into the grave resurrects
Robed in festal garments;
I live in hunger, I live in joy.